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About Gypsy Camper

Gypsy Camper's story began as 1964 Aristocrat camping trailer traveling from one adventure destination to another. As years passed, Gypsy Camper was passed on from owner to owner, until the Gypsy Camper was eventually forgotten about. However, that is not where the adventure ends...

In 2021 an newly engaged couple were planning their dream wedding. Along with all the necessary details that go into a wedding, the couple wanted to make sure they captured all the fun and be able to hold on to the memories of their guests. So, after searching for photo booths, they could not find one that would compliment their wedding theme. Most were simple and may not have been inviting to guests. As days went on, the "Groom to be" was doing his daily routine of trying to find the "Deal of a Lifetime" on Craigslist and came across Gypsy Camper. That is when it clicked! Who would not want to take a picture with friends and family in the comfort of a vintage camper? So, the couple saved the old and worn Gypsy Camper and gave her a new life!

Now, Gypsy camper travels all over the California Central Valley providing the most unique and thrilling photo booth experience. We hope to meet you at your next event and leave both you and your guests with memories that will last forever! 

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